Silicone Limb Solutions

Creating Realism

Silicone Limb Solutions

Creating Realism

Welcome to your first day of freedom

The loss of limb is life changing. The emotional effects are felt long after the scars have faded. Self-conscious and insecure, you move through life feeling as though all eyes are on you and your missing body part. You avoid the handshakes and the open toe shoes in an effort to disguise what you would rather keep hidden from the world. Your self-esteem plummets.

Imagine a life where everything was whole again. No more hiding hands in pockets or feet in boots. Along with a cosmetic prosthesis comes freedom - the freedom to choose your clothing because you like how it looks rather than what it covers up. The freedom to go out and enjoy being seen again. A realistic silicone prosthesis is an integral part of your emotional healing process. At Silicone Limb Solutions, we get what it means to change a life with a realistic cosmetic prosthesis. 

We've got this because we get you!


Lower Limbs


We know that your medical needs don't stop when the scars heal and fade. A realistic looking cosmetic prosthesis is an integral part of your emotional healing process.

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Upper Limbs


Our team will support you in your wishes and desires for a realistic silicone upper limb prosthesis. When you talk - we listen!

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Cosmetic Restoration


When you choose Silicone Limb Solutions, you join a community. We work not just with you, but with our vast network of knowledge to deliver you the solution of your dreams.

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The Options We Offer


Mass produced covers lack individuality in shape and colour. Our high-quality silicone covers are individually created by hand.

  • Entry level solution
  • Nails are hand crafted
  • Colour match to skin tone
  • Made from medical grade silicone material


In addition to all the features above, the Toned finish is a step up from the Uniform option, offering a combination of three colours creating a more natural look

  • Blends with your natural skin tones
  • Hand coloured nails


Offering the most realistic option, life like appearance to the most accurate level of finish. 

  • Highest level of finish 
  • Includes moles, freckles, veining, follicle imperfections and natural creases
  • High definition detailing
  • Hand coloured nails